Netflix Is Working on a US Version of the Squid Game

Following the widespread popularity of Squid gameIt has been reported that Netflix is ​​looking at a possible remake of the show in the United States.

The latest report comes during an episode of The Hot Mic podcast, with The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider mentioning that the streamer is working on “a US version” of the hit series. Sneider mentioned that the unknown timetable for the expected second season of the series could result in the company deciding to continue producing its own version of the series.

Sneider noted that he doesn’t know what a US version would look like, but said that insisting some audiences not watch foreign-language properties is another possibility. ‘g can trust Netflix to make the series.

The original series, which was entirely in Korean, was also criticized when it premiered due to incorrect English-language subtitles, leading many to either not watch the series or wait too long for it to air. – okay.

Squid game from writer-director Hwang Dong-Hyuk, who is best known for his work in South Korean films such as The Fortress, Miss Lolaand Silenced. It centers on a group of 456 cash-strapped players who accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games on a remote island in hopes of winning 456 billion won. However, they soon learn that the prize comes with deadly high stakes.

The series is led by acclaimed actors Lee Jung-Jae (Companion of the Gods), Park Hae-Soo (Prison playbook), Wi Ha Joon (Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum), Oh Young-Soo (God of War), Anupam Tripathi (Stranger From Hell), Heo Sung-Tae (Beyond Evil), Kim Joo-Ryoung (Andante), and model Jung Ho-Yeon in her acting TV debut.

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