New Documentary Punk is the History of Capital Tracking in the DC Punk Scene

A new documentary tracing the history of the iconic Washington DC hardcore-punk scene is set to be released. Punk the Capital: Creating a Sound Activity open select theaters and through virtual cinema on May 14, and then come on BluRay / DVD on Record Store Day (June 8).

The 88-minute documentary features some of the biggest names from the DC scene in 1976-1983 such as Bad Brain, Minor Threat, Void, Rites of Spring, and more. Among the punk luminaries interviewed were HR (Bad Brains), Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), and more.

Punk the Capital recognized as the first film to tell the story of the influential punk and DIY movement. Some towns have a more lively scene during an important time for punk rock. Strengthened by MacKaye’s Dischord Records distribution and a strong companion philosophy (i.e. show all ages, $ 5 no-questions-asked tickets), DC set the template for DIY culture.

Like a Fugazi trip, filmmakers James June Schneider, Paul Bishow, and Sam Lavine want to capture Punk the Capital in the face of as many personal observations as possible. They tirelessly set up screenings with special guests- Rollins, MacKaye, Cynthia Connolly, and HR at Bad Brains all showed up at least once- in an attempt to reach 100 consecutive- next event (they reached 50 before the pandemic).

“We toured the film like a band until the pandemic hit,” Schneider said in a press release. “Now as things unfold, we’re excited to have started releasing the theater for a variety of reasons.”

“Before we release the film on DVD / Blu-ray we want to make a big push into a theatrical release, part virtual, part personal, which I hope will be part of getting some of these competing indie theaters are in dire need of support, “he continued.” And we also look forward to sharing the film at these times because it is an optimistic film that is the reason for building a new or and good in spite of difficulties. “

The original cut of the film was over 7 hours long (!), So the filmmakers edited the excess material into mini-episodes for Blu-Ray and DVD release. There will be a stage to be performed by the band shout, famous for being drummer Dave Grohl’s pre-Nirvana band.

For a list of theaters and more information, visit movie website. Watch the trailer below.

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