New Mountain Mountain

Booklets don’t have to be boring! Just by changing the front bezel (called “face to face”) you can give your storage storage a different look!

Yes, it’s just a simple notebook, with a chunkier face frame! It gives this piece a modern but fun look – so modern on the mountain!

Why I Built This Bookshelf

I built this piece for our hut in the mountains, where I wanted a simplified life, with fewer things to get, less details of dust and papaya, but still wanted to be motivated and motivated by surroundings. I need storage for shoes, hats, gloves, sunglasses – dropzone entry items – but I want a piece that can also look empty. I love an empty shelf. It’s a time to put something together.

Can I Make a Custom Size?

For my book content, I created a custom size to fit perfectly in the space. If you build it, you can get the right size, tailored for your space.

I love this plan because it’s so easy to customize the size to both length and width! You can build any size you can think of!

customize booklet sizes

The instruction below will show you how to get the right size in your space without any crazy math or worrying about mistakes.

Video Tutorial on Creating this Bookshelf

I’ve put together a quick video showing the steps to build this book’s content. Please check before you build.


Modern Mountain Plans

Here are the plans for the content of the book. I decided to do this one more as a template (so you can customize the sizes) – because getting the perfect fit is so important. It can be easy to think of a cutting list and shopping list once you’ve laid your body down.

Thanks for using our plans, we appreciate your trust and support.

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