New Posthumous Album Exodus on DMX Coming on May 28th

18 years after his last release of Def Jam, nine years after his latest LP There is no dispute, and seven weeks after his death, Earl “DMX” Simmons will be heard on the new posthumous album Exodus. It’s from May 28 via Def Jam and Ruff Ryders, and Swizz Beatz serves as an executive producer.

The return of the New York legend of Def Jam seems to be the end of a circle. The brand began to emerge in the mid-1990s as it suffered financial problems, changed owners, and found its voice in the changing hip-hop scene. Now, if you can’t find an identity in yourself, then give that to you. His 1998 debut Def Jam, Dark and Hell hot, debuted as No. 1 album in the country. Nor look at anyone the label or rapper.

In 2006 DMX signed with Columbia Records for Year of the Dog… Again, after stopping his career amid growing legal turmoil and admitting to his own longing for a quieter life. He only released one album, 2012’s There is no dispute, at this time some of the magic is gone. If you believe in the power of labels, then X’s return to Def Jam is cause for optimism.

Very few details are known about Exodus at this time, except expected to contain all the original songs. But before he died, DMX mocked the new song “Skyscrapers” with Bono. In addition, after he suffered a heart attack that ended his life, his team released “X Mobalhin” and the posthumous single “Went to War” with Swizz Beatz. At least some of these tracks are likely to appear on the upcoming album.

“My brother X is one of the purest and most unique souls I have ever met,” Beatz said in a statement. “He lives his life dedicated to his family and music. Above all, he is generous in his giving and loves his fans immeasurably. This album, X can’t wait for his fans to bug -os world to hear and show how much he values ​​each and every person who supports him unconditionally. ”

The artwork on the album was done by Jonathan Mannion, the photographer who captured some meaningful moments on DMX, and you can check it out below.

Exodus Artwork:

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