New South Park Movie Release Date Set For November At Paramount +

The latest South Park special, called “South Park: Post Covid,” is set to be released exclusively on Paramount + on Thursday, November 25th.

The latest movie from South Park The franchise is set to be released in November only on Most importantly +. This is the first new one South Park inside since Special Vaccination in South ParQ in March earlier this year. That extended special period includes September 2020 Special Pandemic is the highest grade South Park program in a few years. South Park is the longest scripted series on cable television and celebrated its 25th anniversary in August 2022.

The new film comes as part of an extensive deal between Paramount and MTV Entertainment Studios (both owned by ViacomCBS) and series creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The deal goes on South Park in Comedy Central until 2027 until the 30th season. In addition, the deal will see the release of 14 originally made for streaming events exclusively on Paramount +. 2020 marks the first time since the series premiere that a new season has yet to be released. Even if that doesn’t slow down its success as fans watch 2.2 billion episodes of the show so far in 2021.

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Paramount + announces the new South Park special, South Park: Post Covid, will only be released on Paramount + on Thursday, November 25. Outside the US, it will also be available for viewing in the Nordics, Latin America, Australia, and Canada. There aren’t any details on the film’s plot at the moment, but fans can look forward to the anticipated debut of Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman of Paramount +. Watch the teaser from Paramount Plus YouTube channel below:

Paramount + also announced its second exclusive special to air later this year South Park: Post Covid. The current untitled new special will be released by Paramount + in December. The two specials are likely to interact with South Park men facing life in their fictional town of Colorado in a post-pandemic world. According to Parker and Stone, these new specials should be between the previous couple specials and a feature-length film in length. The goal is to have two of the 14 movies released each year by 2027.

The satire of South Park has been a very good vehicle to explore the madness of the last two years. Their past pandemic -related specials speak to everything from police brutality in U.S. Covid’s response to QAnon and vaccines. Latest Most importantly + specials can see Cartman and co. responding to vaccine mandates and those opposed to them or any number of incidents since March that they need to remove. Sure enough they won’t pull Parker and Stone with their punches as they have repeatedly proven.

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