New Worlds Season 4 Reveals the Return of Dr. Brenner & More of the Eleven Brothers

After months of waiting and production delays, Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things is already gearing up for a streamer return with a new trailer.

The trailer is for Strange things stage 4 is finally here. After premiering in 2016, the original Netflix series quickly became one of the most successful streamer shows of all time. Each subsequent season has proven to be more popular than the last, making the latest delay even more painful. Like other Hollywood, production in Strange Things season 4 stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, giving the Duffer brothers time to finish scripts for the quarantine show. The cast and crew are back in production, but it looks like the wait could be even longer.

Star Finn Wolfhard said that Strange things may not premiere until 2022, while Gaten Matarazzo says making is a slower process than usual. However, this did not stop the cast from adding time, declaring it the most intimidating entry. Considering the end of season 3 and the many cliffhangers left for fans to heal, any news about the show is welcome. Now, Strange Things the fans received the best news.

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for season 4 after mocking it in a mysterious video yesterday. Check out the full clip below:

More to come …

Source: Netflix

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