Nick Jonas Hosts Billboard Music Awards And Fans Delighted

Nick Jonas of Voice is the host of the Billboard Music Awards, and his fans are excited about the news. But Kelly Clarkson fans were disappointed.

The Voice Coach Nick Jonas is boosting his reach on NBC by hosting the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. The young singer of the band takes the reins from the companion voice Coach Kelly Clarkson, who has hosted the awards show for the past three years. He is no stranger to this particular event, as he won three awards in 2020 with the Jonas Brothers, including for their hit song “Sucker.”

Nominations for the Billboard Music Awards were recently announced, along with The Voice receiving recognition. In the future voice coach Ariana Grande has been on several awards, such as former coach Adam Levine of his band Maroon 5. Koryn Hawthorne of Season 8 is recognized in several Gospel categories. And controversial season 6 alum Morgan Wallen, who got into a lot of trouble when a video came up of him using slurs differently, received six nominations. Dick Clark Productions, which produced the Billboard Music Awards, said he was only nominated for his standing on the music charts, but he will not be appearing on the show.

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Agreed to Deadline, Jonas hosts the Billboard Music Awards, which will take place on May 23 at 8pm on NBC, the same network filmed The Voice. After it was announced, Jonas posted a video on Twitter joking that he first won the left “Best Host Ever” award. Various Twitter users responded to express their excitement at Jonas ’breaking news, while Clarkson’s fans were disappointed. You can find some comments below:

Fans are clearly excited about that The VoiceJonas was the host the Billboard Music Awards. But Clarkson fans expressed their disappointment that the American Idol The winner will not return after hosting the past three years. A fan wants him to show up even if he’s not hosting. Some consider it an understatement.

Since Clarkson has experience hosting not only giant award shows but also including his own talk show, he is sure to give Jonas some advice for the Billboard Music Awards. That being said, it’s not like Jonah has handled one of these events before. She hosted the Kids ’Choice Awards in 2015. And she, along with her siblings, has a ton of experience to be seen on TV, along with who is a coach of The Voice.

Speaking of which, after his big night at the Billboard Music Awards, Jonas should be back The Voice the next day to participate in both halves of the season 20 finale. Ahead of that, NBC aired a recap episode this coming Monday, for some reason. The live shows will then start on May 10 and last only three weeks. In that short time, spectators had to tighten the field from 17 to already the finalists competing for the title.

The Voice will air Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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