Nicky Hilton Shares The Advice She Gave Sister Paris Hilton About Motherhood

It’s not just the sisters in the family who recently welcomed a bundle of joy. Last September, their brother Barron Hilton II and his wife Tessa announcing the birth of their child Caspian Barron Hilton, now 8 months. (They also have a daughter Milou Alizee Hilton3.)

“It’s funny, we have all girls in the family and, last year, my brother had a son, Paris had a son and I had a son,” said Nicky the E!. “So, we’re inundated with men, and it’s amazing to see the bond between them.”

So, what does a typical playdate look like?

“It’s a lot of parallel playing,” he explained, “and we put them on the floor, and they’re next to each other and we’re together. , and our cousins ​​and we’re all best friends are like brothers. We celebrate. [Kim Richards‘ daughter] Whitney [Davis]The bachelorette is in Malibuwhich is a bit nostalgic and fun, the whole gang together.”

And the heir is trying to follow the same advice he gave in Paris about capturing the small moments. Talking about her son’s milestones, Nicky said, “He’s teething. He’s trying to stand. He’s trying to talk. He’s trying to walk. He’s almost saying, ‘Mommy,’ but he’s not there yet.”

– Reporting by Nikaline McCarley

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