Nicola Peltz Beckham details Bond with “Soul Sister” Selena Gomez

“I think it’s really nice when you have girlfriends in your life who cheer you on,” she continued. “And if I’m just walking down the street and a girl is like, ‘Oh my gosh, I like your dress,’ it means more than if a guy says it. Like, ew, whatever. But when a girl compliments you, it’s extra special.”

And so their Instagram posts Obviously, Selena and Nicola’s bond continues to grow by the day. Besides the birthday shoutouts and matching tattoos, there are also the picture-perfect sleepovers and getaways to prove it.

In fact, most recently, Nicola posted a photo of the two having dinner, writing with him February 11 Instagram post, “I love this girl so much @selenagomez angel sister.” As for Selena, she more clearly shared Nicola’s sentiment, commenting, “Angel sisters for life!”

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