Nicole Byer To Guest Star on Home Economics

What a treat, what a dream.

Home Economics Congratulations on welcoming a happy guest star for an end to this season, and this is especially good news for podcast fans Best Friends With Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata. If you know that Sasheer Zamata stars already in Home Economics, you can predict other news!

E! That news will be exclusively revealed Nicole Byer will present a guest on “Opus Cabernet, 2015, $ 500.” She will play Amanda Conley, an intimidating book editor who may have published Tom’s book (Topher Grace) secret writer. Of course, this won’t be good for everyone else in the family, because the book is a told about them.

News broke of a family party celebrating their parents ’anniversary-an annual event that never went ahead without a hitch. In fact, “celebration can be the worst,” thanks to Tom’s book.

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