Nirvana Gets Child Pornography Case Dismissed Due to Child on Album Cover

UPDATE: A judge dismissed the case against Nirvana on Monday, January 3.

The defendants, who also include Universal Music Group and The David Geffen Company, filed to dismiss the lawsuit on Dec. 22. Since the plaintiff, Spencer Elden, did not file any objection to the motion before the Dec. 30 deadline, a judge granted dismissal.

However, it was “dismissed with permission to amend” and Elden has until Jan. 13 to file a Second Amended Complaint.

In a statement to E! News, Elden’s lawyer said his team intends to pursue the child pornography case. “According to the court order we will file a Second Amended Complaint soon,” the lawyer said. “We are confident that Spencer will be allowed to proceed with the case.”


Instead of being hit, the members of Nirvana now they have a legal case in their hands.

On Aug. 24, the man was photographed naked underwater as a child for the band’s iconic in 1991. Just don’t The cover of the album filed a lawsuit alleging that he was a victim of child pornography.

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