No, Secretary of State Antony Blinken – Abortion is not a Human Right

I am sometimes asked if government officials who have won abortion are blind to the truth – or aware that they have taken an unreliable position for the sake of ideological preference.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken thought. He recently declared, “Standing up for human rights anywhere is in America’s interest.”

I will agree – it is never right to accept wrongdoing and protecting the dignity of every human being is a noble ideal. The United States may not be the world’s police force, but historically America has stood up for those in need, something we can all be proud of.

Despite the same language, Mr. Blinken also called abortion a “human right” – a striking declaration given that unborn children are human.

“There is no hierarchy in which some rights are more important than others,” he added.

I was reminded of my friend and former colleague, Susie Ripley. During my tenure as vice president of Focus in the international division of the Family more than 20 years ago, I asked Susie to attend the Beijing Women Conference on behalf of the ministry.

At a session related to women’s rights, Susie was given a chance to ask questions. He raised the issue of women in the womb and asked if women had rights.

No one could answer – or answer – his question.

The main reason they can’t speak is because the killing of unborn children shows an unfathomable position. If you demand (as you need) that the rights of a woman deserve to be protected, then you cannot ignore the dignity of the little girl (or boy) in her womb.

It breaks our hearts to see the aggressive return to pro-life protections enforced during President Trump’s four-year tenure. Every day brings a new anger and decline of the innocent. We have moved from a culture of life to a culture of death – less than 100 days.

Such is the consequence of an election.

It continues to be at the height of the hypocrisy calling for the defense of human rights around the world – even though there is no issue of unintentional, preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of children each year in America.

Respect for life remains a top and tireless priority for all of us here at Focus on the Family. We will always protect the dignity of every human being, and especially those who are unable to defend themselves.

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