Non -Business Refuses Donation From Jamie Lynn Spears Book Amid Backlash

This non -business wants to be excluded from the narrative.

Last week, Jamie Lynn Spears announces that he has finished his book, Things I Would Have Said, which he wrote give himself a “closure” in this chapter of his life as he tries to “share my truth in the right way.”

He also revealed that a portion of the revenue from his book will go to the nonprofit mental health This Is My Brave. Not anymore.

“I know how scary it can be to share personal struggles, especially if you don’t feel like you have the support or safe space to do it,” Jamie Lynn wrote on Instagram. “They do amazing jobs to support and encourage people as they boldly share their experiences.”

However, the organization Office has partnered on October 18 it rejected the Zoey 101 The star’s offer to donate to their cause came after the public shouted about the book. Britney Spears of himself looks like a slam Things I Would Have Said on Instagram, joking that he should also write a book, and call it “S – t, I really don’t know” or “I really care what people think.”

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