North West and Selena Gomez’s Sister Gracie Look Friendship

When you’re ready, go and spaghet-it, that’s it.

Selena Gomezyounger sister Gracie Teefey and North West shared a cute glimpse of their friendship by posting videos from a recent hangout where they made pasta from scratch.

As seen in a series of videos shared by North and mom Kim KardashianTikTok account over the weekend, Gracie and North walked viewers through the steps to make their experimental pasta, such as cracking eggs on top of flour, mixing the dough and even putting the lip gloss before starting the kitchen.

Gracie, who was cutting the dough after North rolled out the mixture, shared that it wasn’t her first time making pasta—but it wasn’t exactly when she made it before.

“If it fails, does it matter?” Gracie jokes about her past food adventures with North’s cousin Penelope Disick. “I did it with Penelope and then I threw up.”

While the women did not film the final product after cutting the pasta, they served a few moments of impromptu singing and madness while cooking.

During the process, they both also shared who their favorite singers are, including Rihanna, Ice Spice and BEYONCE.

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