Official Coronation Portrait of King Charles III Unveiled

King Charles III literally has a perfect picture of the end of the end of his coronation.

Two days after the monarch and his wife Queen Camilla CROWN at Westminster Abbey in London, their first official coronation portraits revealed.

For photos, taken inside Buckingham Palace after the coronation ceremony on May 6, Charles wore his royal regalia, which included the Robe of Estate and the Imperial State Crown. The 74-year-old was pictured sitting on an ornate chair, holding two important pieces of crown jewels—The Sovereign’s Scepter with the Cross and the Sovereign’s Orb.

As for Camilla, the 75-year-old was photographed in the Green Drawing Room wearing her white coronation dress, Queen Marythis is the crown and the Robe of Estate.

In addition to their solo photos, the King and Queen also posed for photos with senior members of the royal family.

The photo includes Charles’ brother Princess Anne and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence; BROTHER Prince Edwardthe Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh; son Prince Williamthe Prince of Wales and his wife Kate, the Princess of Wales. The latter Queen Elizabeth IIAlso shown are first cousins ​​of: Prince Edwardthe Duke of Kent; Prince Richardthe Duke of Gloucester and his wife Bridgette, Duchess of Gloucester; and Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy.

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