Olivia Culpo says Christian McCaffrey restored “My Faith in Love”

olivia culpo here melting hearts.

the I Feel Handsome The actress is celebrating three years with her boyfriend Christian McCaffreya professional football player for the Carolina Panthers, by writing the anniversary post to end all anniversary posts by June 23rd.

“Three years ago I wasn’t looking for a relationship,” he wrote Instagram before recounting their love story. According to Olivia, it all started when her best friend, model Kristen Louelle and NFL player Tyler Gaffneycalled him and “asked if I was open to meeting their friend Christian.”

However, Olivia is not very sure. “I was scared,” he explained. “I’m worried it’s going to be the same old story for everyone and that all men are the same. While my expectations are low, I know I can’t control myself and make decisions based on fear.”

So, he got a chance to setup and, needless to say, it worked. In fact, one of his most treasured pictures of his girlfriend today was captured the night they met.

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