One Thing Navy CEO Criticizes Rumors Surrounding Arielle Charnas’ Husband

A Navy CEO thing Matthew Scanlan enough with the rumours.

On December 7, the businessman denied the speculation that the founder Arielle Charnas‘ husband Brandon Charnas, 37, stole funds from a clothing company. (Rumors of the embezzlement surfaced on Reddit, when users began speculating that a publication was working on an exposé about Brandon and the company.)

“This is categorically false,” Matthew told E! NEwS. “Brandon Charnas does not have access to the company bank accounts. He is not an employee of the company, and he does not have an access point.”

Another rumor that spread on the Internet is the marriage status of Arielle, 35, and Brandon. Despite speculation that the couple is headed for divorce, a spokesperson for Something Navy told E! News that any breakup rumors are “blatantly false” and added “they are happily married and in love.”

A source added, “There was no theft at all. This was all part of a disgusting, coordinated smear campaign that tried to ruin Arielle and Brandon’s reputations and lives.”

Arielle—with a daughter Ruby6, It’s Esme4, and Navy18 months, with Brandon—first launching Something Navy as a blog in 2009. More than a decade later, the brand has evolved into a clothing line, and will be valued at $100 million by November 2021, according to Business Insider.

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