Online or In-Person, Here’s how the classes progress!

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Winter Activities: Online or In-Person

The cold weather is here, and do you know what the changes are for parents about scheduling classes and activities for their children? Nothing. We’re still busy, because when there’s a time when kids need to be active, it’s the winter months.

No matter the weather, the activities are appropriate for the growth and mental health of our children. The CDC says the activities “can reduce anxiety and depression and promote positive mental health.” And whether the activities and classes are personal or online, they help kids not only learn but keep them active. Elaine Finkletaub, President and CEO of Chickenshed NYC shared, “The motto of Chickenshed NYC Chickenshed NYC is‘ theater changing lives, ’and we truly believe that our inclusive theater programs can change children of all abilities and backgrounds.

Chickenshed Players weekly that include theater-making classes provide children and teens with powerful tools they can use in their daily lives such as: confidence, communication skills and the ability to be part of a theater community, developing life-changing films for performers and audiences to enjoy. . Adventures from The Shed performances for preschoolers and families use puppetry, music, and storytelling to incorporate the smallest of theatrical magic.

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So many activities!

If your kids are like me, one loves sports, but one more than music or language, don’t be sad because there are a variety of activities available to suit your child. Patrizia Saglio, owner of Collina Italiana Italian Language School and Cultural Center commented, “Learning a new language at an early age can improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and multitask ability. At our school, the benefits of learning a foreign language combined with the love of our native Italian teachers, not to mention the uniquely fun and welcoming atmosphere, take your child on a wonderful journey with the Italian language and culture. ”

It is important to be with our children

Social connection is very important for many parents because most children spend last two years (and counting) in a pandemic. This means choosing a distance or personal class, we expect our children to interact with their peers. Carrie Suter, Director of Arts Reaching Youth (ARY), Brooklyn Music School, shared, “Our after school program, Arts Reaching Youth (ARY), not only gives children the opportunity to explore their different musical interests, but helps them make friendships from outside of their typical age group. Some know what they like – they know they like guitar or dance – others aren’t really sure and they enjoy exploring their own abilities and interests. Because BMS took over kids from many different schools in the area, kids can meet and make new friends from outside their teammates. ”

Safety Enabled

Safety at home, school, and activities is important, and after -class programs seriously keep our children safe during COVID. Laura Nupponen, Founder of Moosiki Children shared, “There are many covid protocols in place, the latest safety measure is that we require proof of vaccination from all adults before entering the classroom. In addition, we take the temperature of adults and children at the door, we have an air purifier running, and we require all adults to wear masks for the duration of the class (and encourage any child). more than two years to wear a mask as well.). ” So grouping or choosing a spacious home space for activities and classes is in session!

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