Only Kills of Music Supervisors in the Perfect Needle Drops Building

It’s hard to imagine an element of filmmaking that is simultaneously as critical and hidden as music. It’s the thoughtless link that binds a film every now and then; it’s the final piece of the puzzle that makes the whole experience more cohesive; more emotional; more affected. So what’s the key to curating the perfect soundtrack or score? Patience? Determination? For music supervising power-duo Bruce Gilbert and Lauren Mikus, the secret to success is to enjoy the work, and have fun as much as possible.

In fact, Mikus describes the perfect project as, simply: “a fun conversation,” and the technique seems to work for them: The two manage, individually and as a team, the music that featured in an impressive catalog of movies and TV shows, including, but not limited to, Orange is the New Black, The Tree of Lifeand bonfire.

Recently, Mikus and Gilbert had tag-teamed music management for the cult-favorite caper on Hulu. Building Murders Onlythe exhilarating strange new series in the Apple TV anthology roaringand, of course, the amazing and beloved film All Wherever All In One.

Much of Mikus and Gilbert’s work involves finding a way to build a cohesive and singular world through music. After all, the score or soundtrack is the “connective tissue” of a movie or TV movie, Mikus said.

When talking about the upcoming second season of Building Murders Only, Gilbert emphasizes that some projects require a lot of variety, and his work and Mikus’s include making sure the necessary sense of togetherness still exists. “The music of [Only Murders] is everything from The Ramones to the most high-end Broadway musical to some poppier moments for Selena’s character, ”she explains. He added that because the characters “are so different from each other, we can get away with a big, brassy jazz piece here, and a gritty rock-and-roll piece here, or a cooler song here. “

If that work sounds particularly eclectic, well that’s exactly the word Gilbert would use to describe it. “For the supervisors,” he said, “It’s a really eclectic soundtrack. We really enjoyed finding those things. Some things were really unexpected, and then there were others that I think speak more of. pedigree of the show, because it feels like a show that is very well made. And the performances are very good. The directing is very good. The writing is very good. All we have to do is keep going. “

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