Original Bad Added to 2021 Aftershock Festival Lineup

The 2021 Aftershock Festival lost one of its big headliners if My Chemical Romance decided to stop any touring until 2022, but the event in Sacramento, California, was repeated with the killer’s replacement: the Originally Bad. That’s right, Glenn Danzig and company will top the lineup on Saturday (Oct. 9), with Metallica headline the bill on Friday (October 8) and Sunday (October 10).

After last year’s edition of Aftershock was suspended due to pandemic, promoter Danny Wimmer Presents announced that the scheduled 2020 headliners Metallica and My Chemical Romance will have made at the 2021 event. The festival also adds a fourth night, with headlining at Limp Bizkit on Thursday (October 7).

My Chemical Romance, meanwhile, is set to begin an anticipated tour of revisits in 2020, but from now on advanced the entire walk to 2022. On Friday (May 7), Danny Wimmer announced that Original Misfits – classic members Danzig, Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, along with guitarist Acey Slade and drummer Dave Lombardo – will replace position in MCR.

Original Misfits, as they call themselves, has only played 13 shows since the 2016 remake, making each concert an event. We caught up with them 2019 gig at Madison Square Garden, and that particular show is absolutely amazing. The merger, too, which came after a split that lasted more than 30 years between Danzig and Lamang, is one that longtime fans never thought would happen.

In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, Danzig left the door open to several Original Misfits performances, while also decrying cancel the culture. The singer said the explosion of punk in the late 70s wouldn’t have happened amid the “awake bullshit” that continues today.

In addition to rocking Original Misfits, Danzig is preparing to release his latest film, Death Rider in the House of Vampires. Terrible West is set to open in select theaters sometime in June.

Among the other bands in Aftershock’s four-day research are Rancid, Gojira, The Spring Offs, Social Distortion, Mastodon, Rise Against, a united Mudvayne, and many more, with an updated poster lineup at the bottom. The festival is already on sale, but tickets are available through StubHub.

Aftershock 2021 updated poster

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