Our Knives Are Out For Kathryn Hahn’s Next Big Role

Siri, play “Agatha All along.”

One source told E! NEwS Wandavision stole the scene Kathryn Hahn is the latest actress to participate Rian JohnsonFollowing his Oscar nomination film, Knives. There is also discussion Janelle Monáe participation in the film in the current undisclosed role.

E! The news reached Netflix for comment.

Although both Hahn and Monáe have enough stellar power to take people to theaters, they aren’t the only actors starring in the mystery of Johnson’s murder. Multiple outlets confirmed Fight Club actor Edward Norton thrown, beside Dave Bautista and, of course, Daniel Craig.

Johnson said little about the plot next, but confirmed that Craig will return as South Benoit Blanc detective. In addition, the upcoming film is scheduled to take place in Greece, where the actors will start filming this summer.

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