Our Last Creators Discuss How Infection Spreads

While the video game version of The Last of Us does not clearly state what is the origin of the virus that has spread throughout the Earth, it is answered in the HBO live-action adaptation. According to showrunner Craig Mazin and game creator Neil Druckmann, other sources of fungal infection will be explored.

Talked to different in a recent interview, Mazin and Druckmann – the latter who wrote and co-directed the development of the first game – were asked if the origin of the fungus that has spread throughout the Earth can still be investigated. According to Druckmann, while the original play didn’t go into much about what happened, Mazin is curious about what happened, and the show tends to dive into more of what happened.

“Everything we see in the game is from three characters’ perspectives – [Joel’s daughter] Sarah, Joel and Ellie, that’s it,” said Druckmann. “Here, we have the ability to leave the characters and show other things, but it’s always important not to say, “OK, here’s patient zero, the exact source.” A lot of it is based on hints. Craig will approach me with her million questions, like “How did this thing spread?” We have an announcement in the game, in the newspaper you choose as Sarah, where it means that there are contaminated products. We talk about: How does it spread? Where does it start? We reveal more and more from episode one, where we hinted at things that could have been very different for the Millers when they made the pancakes. Now, we’re going to see a little bit more of how this thing started.”

Speaking of pancakes, the duo were then asked about a very popular theory that came up after the first episode. The theory says that it is actually flour that causes the spread of the fungus, and uses different signs from the first stage to determine that. When asked, Druckmann and Mazin confirmed the theory, with Mazin noting “I think it’s pretty obvious” while Druckmann said “we said yes,” before Mazin explained the origins much more.

“When he’s talking about where these people work and what’s going on in that factory — yes, it’s pretty clear that’s what happened,” Mazin said. “We like the idea of ​​that science, and we try as much as we can to make sure that our research connects. [The mycologist] asked where it happened, and the man said a flour factory in the western part of the city. We’re absolutely talking about – there’s the biggest flour mill in the world in Jakarta – so that’s a good theory and I think people should keep running it.

The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max, and will air every Sunday on HBO.

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