Our Many (Back Yard) Lost Wood Ok!

We finally decided it was time to get rid of the many oak trees in the backyard. This is the oak tree in danger near the house, and of even greater concern after the carport has been built. I was hoping we could keep it up, but when it started dropping big branches (one of them was stuck in the roof of the carport) and it started showing signs of decay, it had to go away. That tree was so big that it could take up half of our house if it fell in that direction.

Here’s how it looked before they started on Friday (ten days ago). This photo will not do the tree justice because the leaves are just beginning to sprout.

Here’s how it would look in the summer when we fixed the carport construction.

large oak tree very close to the house - after being cut down - 2

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This tree is taller than our house, and more than twice the height of the house. Here is another photo of the tree the day they started cutting it down.

oak - before cutting - 2

But here’s what it looks like in all its leaves. This photo was taken when we were putting up the new siding put in the house.

outside the house - front - hallway and studio

I don’t think I appreciated how big this tree was, and how big it was to cover the house. They took their large wooden chipper and put all the limbs through the wooden chipper. The tree trunks were cut down and put in the trailer to be retrieved, and I think they took three trips to get a lot of tree trunks.

They worked a day on it, and it stayed that way.

oak - before cutting - 3
oak - cut - 3
oak - cut - 4
oak - cut - 5

They returned early Monday morning to finish cutting the remaining trunk and grinding the stump. I can’t see this process because Matt is in the hospital. But I snapped some photos that afternoon on my way home to get some things for the hospital stay. Here is the front of the house where the oak tree is missing. It looks so naked right now up in the studio!

oak - after being cut - 1

And how it looks from behind. That area was completely taken up by a very large tree, so I really had no idea how big that space was.

oak - after cutting - 2

We’ll pour more concrete in there, or I’ll see some neat pavers that Matt’s wheelchair can easily move, so we can put up an outdoor dining area. Matt was excited about quick access to the outdoor dining area where we could enjoy our lunch.

oak - after cutting - 3

The carport was never painted (oops!), So hopefully I can do it this year to finish the place. Of course, the back of our house would never look good until we demolished that sunroom and added it. But finishing the carport paint will go a long way to making this backyard finish more cohesive and finished.

But you can see here how big that place is. There is plenty of space for a table and some chairs.

oak - after cutting - 4

It changes the look drastically. And while I’m sad to see a big oak tree go, I have to say I feel so much safer now. To this day, whenever we have thunder and / or strong winds, I can only hold my breath wondering if the tree will remove many branches from the house or the carport. Now when there are storms and / or strong winds, I can rest pretty quickly. The total cost for peace of mind came to $ 4500, and that included $ 500 to grind the stump up to 12 inches underground. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s well worth the price.

In another letter, I wanted to tell everyone that we signed Matt up for home health care, which meant they would send a nurse to check on him twice a week (so we could get away with it). any future illnesses and avoid any future hospital stays), and they will also send a physical therapist to work with him or her twice a week.

I find it taking some pressure on me in the future (because I no longer have to be a nurse or physical therapist for her), but as we try to figure out the schedules and how to work my schedule around them, and what Part I have to play in all of this, my blog posting schedule is probably a little too much. I usually try to post at 11:00 a.m. on the days I post, but I work on this post from 8:00 a.m. (they came this morning to do all the information to post). -drink and initial exam), and now it’s noon and gone and I’m still doing it. 😀

So until we find out things, you can find posts from me at 7:00 am, or 3:00 pm, or even 11:00 pm. I just had no idea what to expect. If you haven’t already, you can sign up below to get notifications in your email inbox every time I post a new one. Hopefully we’ll know a regular schedule soon.

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