Outlast Star Shares Their Side of the Story After The End

But one of Jill’s biggest competitors in the wild is without a doubt Javier Colon from Bravo Camp.

“The whole point to do with Javier presenting himself as this heroic guy defending himself against the big bad wolf Jill, is that his whole team abandons him, right? ?” he shared. “There’s 900-plus hours of footage per contestant—that’s 16 times the footage that was shot the entire time we were out there—and you’re going to see about eight hours of it.”

While the runner-up won’t necessarily change the outcome of the show, does he have any regrets about his sometimes-villainous strategy (which included encouraging Justin to steal two contestants’ sleeping bags)?

“You have to sleep in what you’re doing there and I’m not at fault for the way I played,” he explained. “It was a game. If you’re playing a board game with someone and you jump on someone else’s checker and you take their piece, you don’t apologize and take them to dinner because you feel guilty— that’s it.”

“I don’t regret any way I played,” Jill reiterated. “My integrity is always my priority and loving another person is always more important than any money.”

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