Overcoming Heartache in Life

When Sheri Rose Shepherd was crowned Mrs. United States in 1994, success felt the culmination of a long, difficult journey.

People throughout his life had stripped him of his self-worth, driven their hatred through him like a spike in his soul.

Her English teacher once told her, “Sheri Rose, you’re not making much sense in anything in life.”

Another time, he received a gift in the mail from his mother. When Sheri Rose opened it, inside was her birth certificate with a sticky note that said, “I wish you were never born. No one has ever caused me more pain than you.”

There’s also her high school homecoming king, who asks her if she’s going to the beach party after prom because that’s where all the whales are.

Sheri Rose turned to drugs and alcohol throughout her youth. His home life was ruined. He struggled with his weight. He struggles with dyslexia. Then, one night, he overdosed.

After she was released from the hospital, Sheri Rose tried to take control of her life. He stopped using drugs and alcohol, and he lost weight. But it didn’t take him long to realize that he could heal his body, but not his soul. Make-up may cover her blemishes, but not her insecurities. Attention from men makes her feel beautiful, but they cannot make her feel loved or give her purpose.

His encounter with Jesus began the night he entered a hotel room with plans to end his life. He lay in bed with a bottle of sleeping pills in his hand, crying at the top of his lungs, “God, do you exist?”

That night, the Lord met him and sent him on a journey to find out for the first time who God created him to be.

Sheri Rose Shepherd’s story is a wonderful example of how your reaction to life’s circumstances can be an opportunity to discover your identity in Christ and to better understand how God has guided you physically, spiritually, and emotional way.

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