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The British electronic duo At most mixes a new album in the collection. fabric presents Overmono has music by Equiknoxx, Blawan, Orca, Actress, and more, as well as four tracks from Overmono. The album arrives digitally and on CD July 16 through HEADDRESS, with a vinyl release scheduled for Sept. 3. Today (May 12), Overmono is releasing a single from the gathering. Listen to “If U Ever” below, and scroll down for LP art and tracklist.

The overmono was brothers Tom and Ed Russell. At their recent fabric reunion, they said in a press release:

We just went out to get a curry from the take-away called Bombay to Bromley which was near our studio when we got an email asking us to make a mix for the fabric. There was something about the vibe that night that was typical of south east London on a cold winter night. Heard conversations and misunderstandings. Night buses with steamed windows. Fire sirens. A bit tense but exciting at the same time. You know there’s always something going on somewhere out there. There is a lot of wind power. This mix is ​​part of trying to capture that feeling, a nod to musical scenes then and now.

Overmono is set to headline fabric in London on July 17, a day after the reunion was released.

fabric presents Overmono:

01 Overmono – So U Kno
02 Artwork – The Soul
03 First Poet – MoonRaker
04 Milanese – Billy Hologram
05 Antonio – Hyperfunk
06 Overmono – Kung U Ba
07 DJ Zank – Pegassans
08 Surgeon & James Ruskin – Sound Coercion Part 3
09 Holy Ghost – 4AM In Crying Cactus
10 LB Dub Corp – I Have a Dream [Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah]
11 Plastikman – Fuk [Plus 8 Records]
12 Alang Sa Mga Gihigugma Ko – Adunay Ako Gugma (Overmono Remix)
13 DJ Misjah – Victim
14 Powder – Lost in the Light
15 Overmono – BMW Track
16 LCY – shhh
17 Vex’d – Pop Pop
18 Robert Fleck – Bromine
19 Anz – Morphing Into Brighter
20 Actress – Caves in Paradise
21 Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix)
22 Equiknoxx – A Rabbit Told To My Awakening
23 Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria
24 Orca – Salabutan
25 Smith & Mighty – Movie Score
26 Blawan – Fourth Dimension
27 Roy of the Ravers – Erolfa
28 Sockethead – When I Close My Eyes I See Painting
29 1995 epilepsy – taking 2 kno

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