Paramount + Share Trailer for Rugrats CGI Revival: Watch

To this day, Paramount +The lineup is anchored in nostalhic revivals. While we wait for more details on overmuch and live-action Fair Strange Parents reboot, the streamer is ready to open it thought again Rugrat series on May 27th. Check out the newly revealed trailer below.

The beloved cartoon ran for nine seasons from 1991 to 2004, finding immediate success on Nickelodeon’s first list and subsequently spawning three theatrical releases and a series of series. Everything Grows. Thankfully, the new reboot has the same group of babies that viewers love. Expressed by all the original cast members, Tommy (EG Daily), Chucky (Nancy Cartwright), Phil & Lil (Kath Soucie), Angelica (Cheryl Case), and Susie (Cree Summer) are fine – and more bugs -os the form, rethought with lots and lots of color CGI-animation.

It’s been almost 20 years since we last heard Tommy Pickles call, “A child should do what a child should do.” Listening to the words in the trailer may take listeners back in time, but the rest of the preview focuses on the future, promising more adventures and imagination to be “bigger-ist” as babies traversing new worlds beyond their backyard sandbox.

The trailer shows kids fleeing the jungle from a dinosaur, fighting a giant green dog monster in a real-shifting video game, and entering a “magical cave of fun things”. All pretty par for the course for the original series, and it’s a treat to see the cartoon translated so well into three-dimensional animation.

Also comes to the Paramount + pipeline Reno 911! and Beavis and Butt Head cinema, as well classic MTV and VH1 titles like in Behind the Music, Yo! MTV Raps, ug unplugged. In March, the original cast of Real World also teamed up for a new series.

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