Paris Texas Channel John Wick in New Song “BULLET MAN”

Rising LA duo Paris Texas dropped “BULLET MAN,” the second preview of their upcoming debut album. Stream it below.

More than a simple rap-rock hybrid, the propulsive single features Louie Pastel and Felix rapping over a head-nodding bassline and driving percussion. In the first verse, Louie name-drops one of Keanu Reeves’ most iconic characters. “With the Glock, feel like John Wick/ In your grave where I take my piss,” he spits. “I’m the first person to shoot like a GoPro / Headshot but it’s not a photo.”

On the other hand, Felix takes on the music industry: “Go figure, how you got that position / Bowed down and mocked by the industry system.”

In the frenetic music video for “BULLET MAN,” directed by Aus Taylor and written by Paris Texas, a young white man suddenly transforms into a Black man who must sprint from a shot by an old white man – only to catch it. to him at a takeout restaurant where Louie and Felix were picking up food. Check it out below.

In March, Paris Texas returned with their first single of 2023, “FORTY!!!” Their only release in 2022, “cyanide” featuring cryogeyser, came after they seemingly came out of nowhere with a pair of excellent EPs: their debut BOY ANONYMOUS and following it, Red Hand Akimbo. We name the former one of the most overlooked rap releases from 2021.

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