Pastor Cal’s First Counsel for Men (Note)

Got Screen Rant advice from relationship expert Pastor Cal. Chivalry is not dead and Pastor Cal has suggestions for men seeking love.

Pastor Calvin Roberson was recognized as one of the relationship experts on the show Life hit Married at First Sight and its new spin-off Unmatched. But it is true that he has experience counseling singles and couples to prepare them for marriage and happy, lasting relationships. If Screen Rant ever had a chance to sit down with Pastor Cal, we’d love it find out what the advice is she has it for men when it comes to the dating world.

Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana Coles to help people who never get through a first date in their new Life series, Unmatched. Coles and Pastor Cal have both find themselves happy afters, so they need to know what they are talking about about creating a healthy relationship. While not all couples they pair Married at First Sight working for a long time (or some even for a short time), they both have practical advice for people in the dating world. Here is what advice Pastor Cal offers.

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Pastor Cal’s message to boys to go back to old-school. “I know that in the new generation of Z, with millennials, it’s a different ballgame, but I believe in the beauty of the old school, the kindness of the old school.” Pastor Cal was the first to point out that he was from a different generation, but just because something is old in school doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Everyone needs to show their best self while on a first date, so pulling a little chivalry isn’t a bad thing.

Pastor Cal too not a fan of the dating app, and with good reason. “People are tired of dating online. I hear it all the time, they’re tired of swiping left, swiping right. “ So don’t expect a date to be like a hookup dating app. Pastor Cal warns that women still want men “To be polite, and not need things on the first date. Don’t ask for anything! All I need is for us to talk and let me see how happy you really are.” Without the added pressure on expectations, Dating can be even more fun for the same people.

If you’re a guy who’s tired of playing the app’s game, heed Pastor Cal’s advice. She may not always choose the perfect couples to marry as non-strangers, but she knows what she’s talking about presenting your very best self for a first date. People want to hear more dating advice from relationship experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Coles can watch Unmatched of Life.

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