Pearl Jam has launched the New Digital Archive in depth with 186 Live Shows

Pearl Jam here to give people what they want, and what people want to see Pearl Jam alive. Some Tour of North American can be postponed, but don’t worry, grunge veterans have unveiled DEEP’s extensive digital archive, which contains 186 concerts totaling 5,404 individual songs.

Pearl Jam Ten Club members have access to official bootlegs from tours during 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2013. Fans can search for shows by town, year, and category, as well. also access custom playlists such as “Best Political Songs”, “Best Members”, and, for new fans, “Pearl Jam for Dummies”.

In addition, DEEP has a custom setlist generator. The user can input their names and birthdays, and instead receive their own setlist written in a font based on Eddie Vedder’s writing. These setlists can be converted into streamable playlists, with bootlegs enhanced with written descriptions of Ten Club superfans. You can access the depth through Pearl Jam website.

It’s the band’s most recent effort to use everything they’ve done for fans. Last month they streamed theirs Hard Rock Calling 2010 Performance, and in October they finally opened their legendary MTV unplugged live show for streaming.

Last year Pearl jam released their very own eleventh album Gigaton. The band has promised that the North American dates will come “soon,” but those with passports or European addresses could be covered this summer. also set up a tour of Europe. There are tickets here.

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