Pedro Pascal Almost Forgot He Was Filmed In The End Of Us

It looks like a dream.

Peter Pascal landed one of the most coveted roles of the season when he landed the part of Joel The Last of Us, but there was a time when the actor himself did not even believe it. He only revealed the “weird situation” surrounding his casting.

“I was actually in London and everybody was in Los Angeles, and I sent these scripts and I was told, ‘Craig Mazin You want to read these scripts and if you like them, he wants to talk to you,'” Pascal recalled in Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Feb. 2. “I love you Chernobyl, the miniseries he appeared on for HBO, was incredible. Anyway, I read the first script and I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to meet him.'”

At that point, the time difference between the West Coast and the United Kingdom was taking its toll on Pascal, so he decided to take a sleeping pill before meeting the Neil Druckmanwho co-created the show and wrote the original 2013 video game.

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