Penguin Episode Count Revealed for HBO Max Series

The Batman Star Colin Farrell has revealed the episode count for the upcoming HBO Max spin-off series that will revolve around his character, The Penguin.

While talking to differentthe actor explained that the series will start soon after The Batman and clarified how long the show will last.

“It’s going to be an eight-part thing,” Farrell said. “Around Oz’s rise to power, filling the power vacuum created when Falcone was killed. Matt’s idea was to start the Penguin show about a week after the Batman film. And if it works, if the trajectory is interesting, and the audience will go for it, and we will do our jobs right, the second part of Penguin will pick up where the HBO show ends.

The limited drama will be based on the DC characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. It was written by Lauren LeFranc, who is also set as showrunner. The first two episodes were directed by Craig Zobel.

The future The Penguin series is executive produced by The BatmanDylan Clark and Matt Reeves, Farrell, LeFranc, Daniel Pipski, Adam Kassan, and Rafi Crohn. It is a joint project between 6th and Idaho, DC Entertainment, Dylan Clark Productions, and Warner Bros. Television.

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