People are “Mad” I joined Marvel

Florence Pugh says that not everyone was very happy with him when he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“A lot of people in the indie film world are very angry with me,” Pugh, who plays Yelena Belova in the MCU, said in a recent profile on Time Magazine. “They were like, ‘Good, now he’s gone forever.'”

Pugh became a cult favorite thanks in part to his papers in indie flicks like Lady Macbeth in 2016, midsummer and Little Girl from 2019, and the famous Olivia Wilde Don’t worry Darling in 2022.

Pugh continued: “And I was like, no, I’m working like I used to work. I’m always doing shows over and over again. People are just watching them now. You just have to be more organized with your schedule .”

Pugh took on the character of Belova in the Black Widow in 2021, repeated the role of the Disney + series Hawkeye and the upcoming Marvel film Thunderstorms. Since then, he has had time to star in indies like Netflix The Wonder and Zac Braff A Good Man.

Thunderstorms out July 26. Pugh will also be seen Dune: Part Two alongside Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler, which hits theaters later this year. This July, he stars in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimerhis episode was about the creation of the atomic bomb.

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