Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Bought Their Own Staten Island Ferry

The kings of Staten Island brought a piece of their kingdom to the masses. Earlier this week, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and Colin Jost collaborated to purchase an abandoned Staten Island Ferry, with the hope that it could become a venue.

According to the report by VULTURES, the couple joined forces with comedy club owner Paul Italia to not identify the ship in a online auction organized by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services. While bidding started at $ 125,000, the ridiculous friends eventually topped all the other bids by paying $ 280,100 for the ferry, named next to President John F. Kennedy.

Davidson, Jost, and their partner wanted to eventually make the ferry a 5,200 -person venue ideal for music, comedy, etc. – but afterward it was given a necessary makeover and finding a areas of water to permanently land it.

“This double ended, passenger and car ferry for auction is in bad shape and has to be decommissioned due to mechanical issues, the mechanical issues are at the end of the propulsion. On this ship there is many spare parts are no longer in use and are not needed by our agency, ”read the list on the auction site.

For now, Davidson is an obvious one COMMANDING LEAD to host the Academy Awards this year after his successful gig co-hosting NBC’s New Year’s Eve special with Miley Cyrus. Earlier this season, he also paid hilarious homage to his often mocked home of SNL with musical parody “Walking to Staten” with help from Marc Cohn, Method Man, and rapper Big Wet. On Jost’s part, he writes a new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles salida.

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