Pete Davidson will host this year’s Oscars

Morag ang Oscars maybe not allow Tom Holland to host ceremony this year. However, according to Page Six, the Academy watched Pete Davidson to be the first host of the award show since 2018.

Oscars officials have playing with the idea of ​​this year’s show having multiple hosts, and they were also thrown in by big names like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Rock. Per Sixth page, however, after years of declining ratings, the Oscars are looking for a “reset,” and think Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend help bring in a younger audience.

“He’s got a demographic that’s hard to get,” an unnamed source told the publication. “He’s in a good place, his career is good and he’s progressing. He’s a sex symbol, it can’t be, but he’s grown up in a certain generation. To Davidson’s credit, he has the experience of being host: Last month, he was emceing NBC’s New Year’s Eve special with Miley Cyrus, which attracted more than 6.3 million viewers.

Craig Erwich, president of Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment, announced on Tuesday, Jan. 11, that the Oscars, scheduled to air on March 27, will once again use a live host after three years without one. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the program in 2017 and 2018, and Kevin Hart is scheduled to do so in 2019, but dropped out after previous homophobic tweets of his re-emergence. Then, in 2020 and 2021, it seems easier to be hostless again as COVID-19 spreads, even if the show’s ratings are definitely hit by the decision: only 9.23 million people watched the Oscars last year. 2021, a 51% decrease from 18.69 million. focusing on last year.

Davidson last appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with Miley Cyrus to discuss Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Hosted By Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson. He also took to Instagram HONOR the latter Bob Saget, whom he called “one of the kindest people on the planet.”

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