Picnic Table Frame

Everything you love about the classic picnic table, but in a cozier, updated design!

Square Picnic Table Shapes

  • Sitting on four sides, for a cozier experience
  • Easy to build the scheme
  • Comfortable seating four adults, can seat up to 8
  • A smaller footprint may be more appropriate for some spaces
  • Fun, modern design

Sitting around a table, instead of in a row at a table, is often more desirable. But most picnic -style tables – whether it’s an octagon or a hexagon or a four -sided picnic table – have become complicated and difficult to build. In this plan, we try our hardest to make a project that is quick and easy to build, but gives you a quality project that you have loved for many years.

Video Tutorial for Square Picnic Table

You have to watch how it is built! It’s faster than you think. Check out the video linked below.

Free Plans for this Square Picnic Table

Following are the free plans for this picnic table. Thanks for using our plans. Please post boast photos when you are done, we appreciate your feedback and photos.

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