Pippa Middleton Enjoys Rare Exit After Welcoming the Girl

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews taking a break from diaper duty to enjoy the most necessary date night.

Photographers spotted the pair as they were leaving for dinner in Chelsea on Thursday, April 22. The parents, who welcomed a girl last month, sitting just outside an Italian restaurant, allowing their dogs to join them for the feast.

For the occasion, Pippa wore a warm and comfortable coat with black turtleneck, while James wore a leather jacket and jeans.

According to the eyewitness, the couple enjoyed steak and vegetables, before drinking a cup of tea. The eyewitness added that their dogs were not given any food, but said, “The couple relaxed as the dinner companions came to greet and pet their dogs.”

James and Pippa moved into the upscale neighborhood in 2018, after they completed numerous repairs to a £ 17 million home.

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