Pixar’s Luca Director Responds To Call Me By Comparisons With Your Name

The film’s director Enrico Casarosa dismissed Luca as the same as Call Me By Your Name, despite the theories and images shared by fans on Twitter.

The director at Pixar’s Luca responds to claims that the film mimics Call Me By Your Name (2017). Luca is Pixar’s latest upcoming feature film, set to skip a theatrical release and premiere at Disney + on June 18, 2021. The film chronicles the adventures of two best friends, Luca and Alberto, who lives in a small town on the Italian Riviera. Luca is released from his shell by the more adventurous Alberto, but the two friends have a secret: they are both sea monsters from an underwater world. When Pixar executives first announced the film last year, Luca described as a future story.

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Call Me By Your Name a romantic drama directed by Luca Guadagnino starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet. The film examines the stormy romantic relationship between 17-year-old Elio (Chalamet), who lives with his family on the Italian coast, and Oliver, a visiting doctoral student who has come to study under of Elio’s father. Call Me By Your Name featured themes of awakening and longing throughout the summer. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, and James Ivory won the film its award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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After release to Lucaofficial trailer, a surge of commentary appeared on Twitter comparing the two films. Various photo tweets show Luca comparing Elio and Alberto to Oliver. AND Canada reporting in response to the theories, director Enrico Casarosa said, “That was never in our plans. . .[the relationship in his movie is about] friendship of that kind in the pre-puberty world“Casarosa goes on to explain that the film was truly inspired by his own childhood experiences in Cinque Terre, Italy, with his friend, Alberto, who always made trouble for the two.

luca pixar luca and alberto

Although some of Lucaexternal equivalence and main plot points directly coincide with Call Me By Your Name, the Pixar film does not explore any love between Luca and Alberto. Exploring a LGBTQ + relationship in a Disney / Pixar movie – especially the two teenagers- can be strangely groundbreaking, but that’s not the real story of Luca, as shown by Casarosa. If anything, demonstrating a strong friendship between teenagers can be just as enjoyable and reassuring to the audience.

What to do Luca one of Pixar’s most unique efforts is how it chooses to explore fantasy topics through a cultural lens. Similar to Pixar’s Coco, which connects the strange and realistic elements of Día de Los Muertos through music and story, Luca discuss the topic of youth and brotherhood by comparing sea monsters; this is likely to make the film’s tones more approachable for the core younger demographic. Luca ready to capture the hearts of viewers when it comes first this June.

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