Playing the Farmer’s Principle

With kids spread over 11 years, it feels like I’ve had a little at home now for 15 years! One thing I’ve learned is that kids love toys that they can be creative with and use their own imagination – they fall for the plastic light do it / do that toys in the attractive package, but it the simple, basic toys they can use. almost as “tools” they have played with over time.

That’s what we do Handbuilt Holiday! Jaime and I have three kids, and we’ve been building them all on projects for over a decade! This year we’re trying really hard to come up with plans that aren’t just great for the kids – but easier than anyone to build!

Pretend Play Farmer’s Market Stand Features

The farmer’s market stand will make the perfect gift!

  • It is easy to make using basic tools and from the shelf board
  • Easy to customize, so you can add signage, fill it with a fun product, or paint or stain it in any color you like.
  • It is strong and will last
  • It is inspired by the real Farmer’s Market Stands
  • It doesn’t cost a fortune – about $ 25 per tree!

Lots of Photos and Making Photos

Before we get into the free plans that follow, make sure you take a moment to see it done with lots of photos and create photos and tips using Jaime Costiglio’s construction post.


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