Poison Ivy Becomes Two Different Characteristics of One

DC has revealed a new and unique version of Poison Ivy in the pages of The Swamp Thing 3, a version that is actually two characters in one.

Spoilers for The Swamp Thing # 3 ahead!

In the pages of The Swamp Thing # 3, DC has revealed a new version of Poisonous Ivy, a two-character in one, look alike but have different personalities. These two new threats may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of the new Swamp Thing.

Poison Ivy is the alias of Dr. Pamela Isley, a world-renowned botanist, and eco-terrorist able to control plant growth. A component of Batman’s rogue gallery, he can also hide a special thread that allows him to control his victim’s mind. Over the years, he has become more of an anti-hero, especially when paired with Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy also has a connection to Green, the mystical force that binds all plant life on Earth; others with such a connection with Jason Woodrue AKA the Floronic Man and Swamp Thing, and in The Swamp Thing # 3, readers travel to Green with the new Swamp Thing, where he meets a new version of Poison Ivy.

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Now, in Swamp Thing # 3 from Ram V, Mike Perkins, colorist Mike Spicer, and letter Aditya Bidikar, the new Swamp Thing, Levi Kamen, looking for answers to his recent changes. If he loses his friend Jennifer, he knows he’s in trouble and goes to Green to find her. He met Poison Ivy there – a class. It doesn’t show a version of the cruel expression that is a sign of Poison Ivy; she is more skilled and unintentional and calls herself simply “Ivy.” Playful at first, he warns Swamp Thing of his more dominant self, and readers are also quick to come across this feature as well, and he’s more in tune with classic depictions of Poison Ivy. Wearing a crown and a flowing cape, this dominant version chastises Levi, who condemns him for taking care of Jennifer and declares that if he dies, it’s up to Levi. The two versions of Poison Ivy have a conflict, and the Swamp Thing can only be seen. Meanwhile, Alec Holland – followed by Kamen, arrives on the scene, bringing Levi in ​​to unravel the mysteries of Green.

No answer is given as to why there are two different versions of Poison Ivy available on Green, but over the years the character has shown many different versions of himself, from playful lover of Harley Quinn of the cold man killer, and it would be a scream at that. This new and unique version can also be an abstraction-it’s not the real Poison Ivy, but just a form that Green took to talk to Levi.

Poisonous Ivy always one of Batman’s most complicated enemies, and his latest look at Swamp Thing just adds a lot of layers to an already interesting character.

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