Pokémon GO resets Marill’s Early Progress Limited Research Activity

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has reset players ’progress following the accidental early launch of the Marill Limited Research Event, which angered some players.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, reset the progress of Marill Limited Research’s players activity after it was incorrectly released early. The mobile alternate-reality installment of Nintendo’s iconic franchise allows players to explore the real world to find, battle, and capture digital Pokémon. The game was launched in 2016 and continues to receive support in the form of events and updates.

2021 is the five -year anniversary of Pokémon GOlaunch, and Niantic ensured that this year was full of excitement to celebrate. The month of May is definitely packed, with players being given the chance to catch some unique and exciting Pokémon. Niantic recently announced that Community Day in May will focus on Swablu, a Normal and Flying-type Pokémon with clouds for the wings and a distinct blue color. Niantic also recently announced a new Limited Event Research, starring dull blue Pokémon Marill, comes into play on May 9. The Limited Research Event allows players to complete Research Time and Field Research tasks that both bring guaranteed encounters with Marill or the unique green Shine variety.

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Marill’s Limited Research Event mistakenly launched on May 7, prior to the planned launch on May 9, and Niantic Twitter announced that players who started participating in the event were causing a change in their progress. The developer announced in the first hour on May 7 that the event happened to be displayed in error, and then proceeded to explain that Limited Research would be reset for those who made progress or directly completed it. However, Pokémon are captured by players during the short slip of the event should remain to collect them rather than change. Twitter fans have become very vocal in speaking out against the change as the event progresses.

2021 is a big year for Pokémon GO, with the community celebrating the five -year anniversary of the game’s launch and the 25 -year anniversary as a whole Pokémon franchise. Given these two major milestones, that’s to be expected Pokémon GO Feast of 2021 will be a much more celebrated celebration compared to previous years. While specific details about the event are unclear, including whether it will be a live or digital-only event, fans are eagerly awaiting the annual Pokémon GO festivals.

Pokémon GO managed to maintain a large playerbase thanks to constant events and updates. However, sometimes this tight in-game schedule can lead to some slip-ups. The early launch of the Marill Limited Research Event was quickly noticed by Niantic, but changing the pace for participants was not an ideal solution to the issue.

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Pokémon GO available on iOS and Android.

Origin: Niantic Support / Twitter

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