Pokémon GO Returns to the Big League with the Sinnoh Cup

Pokémon GO returns to Great League competition with the new Sinnoh Cup, both of which are open to competitors until January 24, 2022.

by Niantic Pokémon GO restored Great League competition with the Sinnoh Cup. Both events are part of the current run 10th season on Pokémon GO League of War, starting back at the end of November 2021. Season 10 currently features a complete rotation of the three major leagues with their respective variants as well as the special Holiday Cup held in December . There are many more competitions left for the current season, which is scheduled to end at the end of February 2022.

In addition to Battle League competitions, Pokémon GO There are also several other events scheduled for January. The game is about to end the Mountains of Power event on January 13, while an Electric and Steel themed event inspired by the Kanto Power Plant is scheduled to run from January 19 to February 1. The first month of the year is also hosts two separate Community Days, where the first set will be held on January 16, while the second, the Pokémon GO Bulbasaur Community Day, takes place on January 22.


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As reported by ForTheWin, some details of the recently launched Pokémon GO The Great League as well as the Sinnoh Cup, have been revealed. Players will be able to participate in both leagues from January 10 to January 24. The Battle League is the most accessible of the game’s three major leagues because it only allows Pokémon with energy. at or below 1,500 Competition Points (CP), while the Ultra League has a limit of 2,500, and the Master League removes this limit entirely. As for the Sinnoh Cup, it is also interesting to have a CP limit of 1,500 like the Great League, but adds one condition: only Pokémon with a Pokédex number between #387 to #493 are allowed to participate. themed competition.

In addition to seasonal rewards and Pokémon encounters for participation and ranking in Season 10 of Walk Battle League, players who are able to achieve the rank of Legend will be allowed to register early for certain events in extends Pokémon GO Championship Series. While events have yet to be announced, the chance to sign up early and get one of the limited slots is an added incentive for competitors to work hard to reach the Legend rankings this season.

2021 is a strong year for Pokémon GO, Offers lots of competition action and fun monster capture throughout the year. 2021 is also the Pokémon franchise’s 25th anniversary, which is widely celebrated on Walk. 2022 is off to a solid start for Niantic’s beloved game, but if this year could precede some highlights of last year’s major events, such as we are big Pokémon GO Track 2021, remains to be seen.

While the most competitive Pokémon GO players likely focus on the Ultra and Master Leagues, the Great League is still a good place to compete for both veteran veterans who want a change of course, and players interested in entering the Battle League. The Sinnoh Cup also gives players another interesting opportunity to try out the competitive side of the game but with an added and interesting twist.

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Pokémon Go now available on iOS and Android.

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