Pokemon Snap: How to Use the Research Camera

The research camera is a key feature of New Pokemon Snap. Players can use it to communicate, analyze data, and of course, snap photos.

Instead of fighting Pokémon against each other in battle, in New Pokémon Snap, Players are encouraged to witnessed Pokémon in their natural habitat and take and share stunning nature photos with their research camera. Unlike a regular camera, the research camera New Pokémon Snap can be more than just taking a picture. It can also scan to research the mysterious elements of various courses in the Lental Region, find out a Pokémon name, gender, and type, and even find Pokémon and paths hidden within in each biome. The research camera also helps players capture a Pokémon’s attention and encourage it to participate in special activities. Capturing these activities will help players complete requests and receive even higher photo scores.

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Players receive the research camera from the first moments of New Pokémon Snap. This was done by Professor Mirror, who was provided by the player in the LENS lab. Players want to master the basic research camera functions as quickly as possible to start taking Pokémon photos. As they progress, they will be able to open up more advanced camera features to capture better photos. Here’s how to use the research camera on New Pokémon Snap.

How to use the Key Research Camera Differences in the New Pokémon Snap

A player takes a photo of Bulbasaur in New Pokémon Snap

The most important and crucial movement of the research camera New Pokémon Snap mao, of course, taking pictures of Pokémon found in the wild. Players must take images while riding the Neo-One floating pod. It’s important for players to be aware of the controls used to take a photo, because that’s what they always do with the camera.

To activate the camera, players must tilt their Nintendo Switch or controller when they have the motion controls turned on, or they must use the Left or Right Control Stick. Other controls are:

  • Take a Photo: A button
  • Bring: Butang ZL o L

As the players progress in the main campaign New Pokémon Snap, they will open up even more usable research camera features.

If players want, they can always change the controls for the research camera in the game settings. They can experiment to find their ideal Camera and Pointer Facilities, Frame Guides, and Zoom Mods, as well as modify their Left and Right Stick Controls.

How to use the New Pokémon Snap’s Advanced Research Camera Features

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Over time, players will open the Scan section of the research camera. The scan is an important tool that can be used for the following activities:

  • Scan Pokémon: Scan a visible Pokémon to find out its name and gender and communicate the Pokémon in a unique way to the player.
  • Examine the Elements: Scan elements in full different biomes in the Lental Region for further research.
  • Opening the Roads: Scan around to find hidden Branch Routes that lead to more Pokémon

Players can also unlock research camera functions that capture a Pokémon’s attention and cause it to react and interact in unique ways for better and more interesting photos. Often these photos of Pokémon in action have the potential to result in even higher Photodex photo scores. Among these features:

  • Play a Melody: The research camera plays a song that causes Pokémon to come out of hiding and / or dance.
  • Throwing Fluffruit: The research camera throws a Fluffruit to lure the Pokémon from hiding and eating for a unique photo.
  • Use the Illumina Orb: The research camera casts an Illumina Orb, creating Illumina Phenomena, unique moments that vary among different Pokémon.
New Pokemon Snap Vaporeon Fluff Fruit

The controls for each of the advanced New Pokémon Snap The research camera activities can be seen below:

  • Scan: X button
  • Melody: R button
  • Fluffruit: B button
  • Illumina Orb: Y button

Each of these functions can cause the Pokémon to react in new ways, creating better photo opportunities. However, these moments happen quickly, so players want to make sure they’re always ready to snap a quick photo once it happens.

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New Pokémon Snap available for Nintendo Switch.

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