Police Seem to Shoot “Better to Die” Rounds to Break LA Punk Show

A large crowd turned up at an underground punk show that took place under an overpass in the Cypress Park area of ​​Los Angeles on Saturday night (May 8), apparently leading police to evict the “undead. “phases in an effort to break up the gathering.

Footage of the incident showed a large hole as the cheers fell around in a fire. It’s unclear how many of the shows are planned as planned, but it’s set to feature local LA punk acts Dead City, Barrage, Wacko, N8NOFACE, Section H8, Clorox Dream, Self Sabotage, and Alpha & Omega, agreed to Metal Injection.

the Los Angeles Times reported that the LAPD issued a tactical alert when reports of fireworks and packages of people walking on the freeway began disrupting traffic high up in Egret Park, where the show was being held. While police reported the crowd at 100 to 200, video footage showed a gathering showing nearly 1,000 people.

In a wild-looking post-apocalyptic scene, the video posted on social media showed several people still surrounding the fire while one of the bands was playing, while police apparently fired at “less lethal” rounds (usually bean bags or rubber bullets) in the herd.

Despite the chaotic scene, the LA Times reported no arrests and no apparent injuries occurred.

Video footage and photos of the scene before and during the police action can be seen below.

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