Post Malone Helped a Fan Buy a House After Meeting at a Bar

Post Malone continues to strengthen his reputation as a friendly guy by donating to a deposit for a Scottish singer and fan he met in a bar last week to buy a house.

The chance encounter took place on Friday night at Wunderbar, a restaurant and bar in Glasgow. The singer, Gregor Hunter Colemanwas booked to play his regular gig when someone told him that Posty – who had just finished his own show in town – was on his way.

“When I saw him come in, he was dancing and singing, clapping and stuff,” Coleman said. BBC Radio 1. “I miss that. I said, ‘My friends will never believe this story.’ “

When Coleman finished his set, Post Malone told him he was “crushing it,” and offered to buy him a drink. However, Coleman turned down the first offer. “I was like, ‘Listen, I’m saving for a house so I can’t drink today,'” Coleman said. “Which is bad, my mates are like, ‘Why did you turn down a drink from Post Malone?'”

Fortunately, Post Malone understands where Coleman is coming from. “He said ‘That’s great, man, I respect that,’ and he gave me a hug,” the Scottish singer explained. “Then he said ‘Do you want to go and play a private gig?’ I said, ‘Well, of course!’ This is Post Malone. That’s the chance of a lifetime.”

At that point, Coleman entered the full surrealism of the situation and performed at the afterparty for Posty’s gig, where the two continued to hang out. “He talked to me and he offered to help me with my deposit on the house,” Coleman revealed.

While not knowing the exact number, Coleman clarified that Posty didn’t exactly “buy him a house,” but the donation he made would definitely go for it. “Obviously, it helps me to have a deposit,” he said BBC.

When the two parted ways, Post Malone gave Coleman his number and even offered to listen to her original music. Good thing Wunderbar apparently has a lenient dress code — earlier this year, Post Malone reported that he turned away from a posh bar in Perth, Australia because of his facial tattoos.

Meanwhile, the “Rockstar” singer’s “If You Aren’t Here, I’ll Cry” tour kicks off in July proper, and will take him across North America in support of his upcoming fifth LP Austin. Get your tickets HERE.

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