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Song of the Week broke down and talked about the song that we can’t get out of our heads every week. Find these songs and more with us Spotify Top Songs playlist. For our favorite new songs from new artists, check out our New Sounds on Spotify playlist. This week, Calvin Harris gives us a first look at his future Funk Wav. Bounces Vol 2, with help from Dua Lipa and Young Thug.

Five years ago, Calvin Harris orchestrated the much-needed left turn from his hugely popular, sometimes cheesy EDM-when summer was almost over, the Scottish producer teamed up with Frank Ocean and Migos for “Slide,” a funky, specific and rewarding track for an artist. which usually works in a more general field.

“Slide,” and the accompanying album, Funk Wav. Bounces Vol 1, completely shifted the paradigm for Harris, and he quickly moved from the bombastic, drop-heavy tones of the past to something more nostalgic and organic. And now, after five years, some good standalone solos, and an attempt to get back to his UK House origins, Calvin Harris is back with “Potion,” with Dua Lipa and Young Thugthe first single from his upcoming album, Funk Wav. Bounces Vol 2.

Fortunately, Harris ’music has always lent itself to collaborations, and“ Potion ”definitely takes a page from Dua Lipa’s disco era. In a strange turn, Harris moves away from the percussive edge that serves as a line between his EDM and days and the first. Funk Wav. Bounces volume – the snare drum is no longer a seismic part of the beat, the constant bongos add a natural feel, and even the bass drum is relatively easy to mix. These options point Harris looking for a different way to elevate these songs naturally, but once again, Harris ’busy bass line and session made all the heavy upswing. – the rest are in Dua Lipa and Young Thug.

Both of these artists do a very good job of infusing a lot of restraint and tactics into “Potion,” never taking the song out of the rocky, catchy atmosphere. Dua Lipa’s voice usually has a piercing pop quality, but she rejects it outright, opting for an oozing, almost spiritual performance (giving the “potion” theme a perfect compliment to sound). Young Thug is also an artist who can bring the energy level of a song to high high, and can be a delightful loose cannon, but in “Potion,” he is selective, cautious, low key , and much smoother. Harris ’work behind the boards is as meticulous as“ Potion, ”which shows that he can work with any type of artist to fulfill his vision.

And overall, there’s something deliberately small and light about “Potion.” Harris loves his summer jams (see: “Summer”), but there’s no impetus to make an Ibiza-worthy banger here: instead, it’s extremely intimate, sensual, and smooth. If “Potion” points to anything, that is Funk Wav. Bounces Vol. 2 perhaps that was just his most dynamic project.

– Paolo Ragusa

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