Potthast Family Ranks Higher For Unwanted Plotline

Viewers were disappointed with 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy After? season 6. However, the Potthast family tops the list for the worst plot today.

Viewers were not ashamed to express their complaints about season 6 on 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human?, and it turns out that the Potthast family’s presence is the number one source of fan rejection. Andrei and Libby Castravet have received criticism over the past several episodes for their persistence with title, dramatic and arrogant antics. However, it was Libby’s entire family that finally got the most nervous of the viewers. 90 Day Fiancé show spin-off.

Fans complained about too many plot lines for season 6, with the main issue being how repetitive and boring most of the show couples are. Andrei, Libby and the Potthast family did not progress from their drama in season 5. Andrei is still locked into the drama of Libby’s brother Charlie and watching from the giveaways from his father Chuck. Meanwhile, the whole family shows that they are a reality TV show. Audiences called for the measure that family members dress up for family meetings and criticized their arrogant and responsible behaviors.

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In a look posted a poll on Reddit so users could vote on six options for “who is most annoyed with the happy Aftermath?“The poll shows that the majority of viewers are sick of”The Potthast family with the TV. “The whole family accused of mocking patriarch Chuck, while brother Charlie is also often criticized by fans. However, the whole family is known to be dangerous to people. “This time it was so fake, did Covid change us, to be seen now by b *** t?“One exaggerated fan wrote. Some say all the dramas during season 6 were disappointing. “I used to love 90DF. Watched since the first episode. But it got so bad, I couldn’t get through a episode without getting tired of crying!“a spectator shouted.

Charlie Potthast: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

The other plots that many viewers are annoyed to come up with ”Angela treats Deem“ug”The drama they scripted with Natalie and Mike.“The audience was horrified the inappropriate way Angela talked to her doctor and flirted with the man while consulting a weight -bearing surgery. The married woman then involved recounts that the doctor was touched by a professional examination of her breasts. Meanwhile, Mike and Natalie’s drama feels so outdated and repetitive that many viewers believe it was scripted. “Seriously, I’m the only one who voted for that horrible pig Angela“someone commented.”Nah, I got you too. He doesn’t deserve to be trashed. I want Mykel to go to a female doctor about her genitals and talk to her the way she talks to the doctor. See how he acts, ” someone else wrote as well. “

Even season 6 at Happy Finishing bothered by fans of the franchise, a couple always rank high when it comes to popularity. Many viewers were interested in the couple 8 namely Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren. Even though most viewers want the couple to take a break between shows so they can offer fresh stories, both Jovi and Yara jumped from season 8 to the spin-off show. However, the couple has a new perspective now that they are parents. Viewers enjoyed watching Yara and Jovi play the role of the parents of their daughter Mylah, as well as the vision. Jovi’s fan-favorite mother Gwen. In contrast, most other couples have nothing new to put on the table. 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? season 6.

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