Pregnant Ashley Graham Shows Off “Tiger Stripes” in Nude Selfie

Ashley Graham loves his tiger edges.

Before the model’s due date, she posted naked in her Instagram Story, covering her chest with well -broken nails. He just spoke Access to Hollywood that he wanted to show photographs like this in order to “normalize every difference in the body.”

“I think every body is beautiful and I think that’s exactly what keeps me preaching,” Ashley explains. “My tiger wheels are coming second time around with twins. “

In addition, the model understands society’s pressure to “come back” after childbirth, but it’s easier to avoid the pressure if you understand that “Instagram is fake, it’s not real.”

“You can’t compare yourself to others,” he said. “I saved 25 pounds afterwards Isaac was born and then I got pregnant too. So, I haven’t gotten a scale yet this hour because I just feel like why? It is no longer necessary. “

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