PS5 Hardware Redesign Is Reported To Come Next Year

According to a new report, semiconductor suppliers are preparing to produce a PlayStation 5 design that will enter production in 2022.

A new report claims semiconductor providers, including TSMC, have begun preparations for a PlayStation 5 also designing to enter production by mid -2022; the changes are likely to be internal, though. As some may recall, the first of the PS4 designs went on the market in 2015, most notably offering a more efficient version of 2013 hardware.

Sony did not check for serious console changes until PlayStation 4 Slim, whose September 2016 release was quickly followed by the arrival of the PS4 Pro in November. Tradition has dictated that the PS5 would later receive similar designs also at least a few years into the lifecycle of the system. The console maker’s internal plans in front of it could shift as the generation progresses, especially considering how current restrictions on the supply of semiconductors have affected the technology industry as a whole. However, the word is that Sony may already have a design as well in some sort of works.

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Everyone above suggests Sony is actively focused on improving the efficiency of the PlayStation 5 at the hardware level. The company plans to use other methods to make the working model more efficient. For example, firmware updates have the ability to fix the console fan. One such patch is rumored to be coming this summer, though Sony has yet to confirm itself.

Due to the world’s lack of semiconductor, the PS5 is not easily available in stores or online. Things up front are not expected to improve this year. However, despite the difficulty of securing one, the latest PlayStation system continues to sell like hot cakes. The sale of PlayStation 5 already surpassed those on the PS4, which shipped 7.8 million units on March 31, 2021. In comparison, the PS4 reached 7.6 million sales in the same timeframe early in its lifecycle many years ago.

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