Purchasing Cloud Slides That Get on the Internet

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We know what you’re thinking, “Really, shower shoes?” We got it.

Ever since then Kanye West debuted its Adidas Yeezy slide in 2019, the internet continues to change whether they are chic or not. Apparently a judgment has come on the internet that slide slides are the style these days. And like most, we took a long time to find this most comfortable shoe beyond shower slides.

In a recent conversation with Lana Condor, we asked her about her favorite spring fashion, and not surprisingly, the fashion icon is accelerating the foam slide fear. “I love Birkenstocks, but there’s this new trend right now with cloud shoes,” the actress explained to us. “These are slides that are more full and like a cloud. You can throw in a crazy amount of money to get them or you can get the same pair on Amazon for like $ 17. A lot of people I work with wearing everything. all of a sudden, and I said so. “

If you’ve ever had a glimpse of Kanye West’s famous foam slides, we have some bad news. The latest slide drop goes on sale within hours, which means you’ll have to wait a bit to get Yeezy’s official slide. However, we have limited a few dupes below uber popular bubble slide on Amazon you can rock all summer!

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